Cal Rodgers was an American Hero, and until now, he's been overlooked by history. Not only did Cal successfully fly across the country in one of the first models of the modern airplane, he also carried the first piece of Air Mail! And that's where we jump in. Cal was an adventurer, a man of firsts, but he also carried peoples stories with him as he flew. Whether it was the thousands of signatures he collected on his wings as he landed in over eighty locations across the U.S., or the handwritten letter he delivered from the Governor of New York to the Governor of California, Cal carried the citizens of this country with him. We want to do the same.

SO, we'll be stopping where he stopped, delivering hand-written letters to those we meet from none other than YOU. Use the address below and send us your story. It can be ANYTHING (at your discretion). If you're really into it, send us an exact address along our route, and we will personally deliver your letter. 


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