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Tilt Shift is a documentary that cross-examines the experience of coming into adulthood, nestled inside a coast-to-coast adventure in light sport aircraft that retraces the 1911 flight of Cal Rodgers: the first man to fly across the United States.


There is a moment in life that is at once beautiful, terrifying, and absurd. For some it comes early, for others not at all. For many, it lies in direct correlation to the individual trajectories we've each been conditioned for. In America, for us, in 2013, that period of life manifests itself as "the 20-something crisis:" a wave of college grads (or dropouts) trying to get a grip.

This is that moment. 

In March of 2014, we will be dropping everything, packing up our lives in New York City, and moving to California. For two months after that we will do something that neither of us has ever done before: train to fly ultralight aircraft. Following those two months, and joined by two co-pilots, we will fly two trikes from Petaluma, California, to New York City.

One of the highlights of any adventure is who you meet on the way.

Our adventure is structured a little differently: our route will focus on the people we want to meet. As we progress in our trip, we'll be stopping over in small towns, cities, and communes, interviewing those who have leaped before us: people who can challenge and enlighten our own dilemma. 

Why are we doing this?

The years after college are some of the most fascinating. You've just left the pattern you've known your entire life and are flung out into the world to figure it out. But what if the pattern hasn't led to the right place? What if "the pattern" (school -- college -- higher education -- job -- 401K -- retirement) doesn't work for you? Does it even work for most people? Suddenly, you're in a barrel headed over a waterfall, only you don't know how you got stuffed in the barrel to begin with.

This film is a cross-examination of that experience. Through the lens of our own leap of faith we will present, in stark detail, the reality of being a twenty-something in post-recession America and what it means to simultaneously seek a lifestyle that is both rewarding and authentic.

Compared to the rest of our lives this moment is just a blink. This is that moment. This is Tilt Shift.